Women's Mission Ministry

The Women's Mission Ministry at Simi Valley Second Missionary Baptist serves the purpose of helping women to become Women of Excellence and Daughters or Promise. A fellowship outreach to Christian women that promotes a victorious walk with Jesus Christ and instills principles of holy living. 

Women's Fellowship - meets every 1st & 3rd Friday evening at 7:00pm.

For more information on the Women's Ministries, contact: 805-522-5241

Nurses Ministry

Motto: Willingness to Serve!

Mission: The mission of the Nurses ! Ministry is to provide basic health care information and act in emergencies offering and providing comfort, care, and concern to those who may be in distress. Should a worshiper become ill, the Nurses are ready to render aid until emergency help can be secured. The Nurses Ministry also ministers to the Pastor and the pulpit during the worship service . The nurses administer to the natural needs while the Holy Spirit renders to the spiritual needs.

Men's Ministry


The Men's Ministry at Simi Valley Second serve the purpose of strengthening men both in their love for one another and in their individual relationships with God.

Men's Fellowship - A fellowship outreach to Christian men that promotes a victorious walk with Jesus Christ. This ministry features weekly meetings that equip men for God's service through bible study, fellowship, prayer, praise, and worship.

Men's Mentoring Ministry - This ministry meets Quarterly, which is designed to strengthen and encourage young men through topical bible study and weekly fellowship outside of the quarterly meetings with a mentor.

Men's Chorus - Edifies the body of Christ in song and praise and prepares the hearts of the congregation for the gospel. 

Youth Ministry


Ministers the Word of God and trains the youth of the church on Christian principles. Encourages and motivates them to live committed lives and to stand for Godly principles. Youth Choir edifies the body of Christ by lifting up the name of Jesus in song and praise; instills Christian character in the hearts of our children.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is important to the SVSMBC. We strive to address and meet needs of the congregation and community through proclaiming the Gospel in Song. We edify the body of Christ and prepare the congregation for the spoken word. We follow the overall vision of the church and Pastor. 

The Music Ministry at SVSMBC includes the following:

•The Mass Choir

•The Men's Chorus

•The Youth Choir

•The Adult Praise Team

•The Musicians

Rehearsal Times: 

The Mass Choir rehearses Thursday before the first Sunday of every month at 7:30pm.

The Men’s Chorus rehearses both Saturdays before the third Sunday of every month at 9:30am.

The Youth Choir rehearses Thursday before the fourth Sunday of every month at 6:00pm.

The Adult Praise Team rehearses Thursday before the second Sunday of every month at 7:30pm.

Contact Us for more information.

Global Outreach Ministry

The World Outreach Ministries reach out to share the love of God with those outside of the Simi Valley community of faith, both in the local Simi Valley area and throughout the world.

Simi Second World Outreach Ministries are listed below:

Feed the Children - This ministry partners with Feed the Children International to provide emergency food and clothing to needy families in the Dominican Republic and South Africa.

Local Outreach Ministry


Local Outreach is important to Simi Valley Second Missionary Baptist Church.      We want to reach our friends and neighbors with the good news of God's love.     The Local Outreach Ministries are listed below:

Feed The Needy - SVSMBC has successfully supported the local community for three years in providing monthly nutritious meals to the needy. Ministers to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the less fortunate. Homemade meals are prepared, donated and served by church members every 4th Wednesday of the month. 

Choir Day - Each year, SVSMBC hosts a gospel music festival to bring area choirs together. This event features SVSMBC outstanding music department, both musicians and choirs, as well as our Praise Team.

Possession Day - This ministry features our annual "Family & Friends Fellowship Picnic". Each year, Simi Second host a picnic full of food, fun, and fellowship.

Prison Ministries - This ministry provides biblical teaching and counseling to inmates in the Peter Pitches Honor Ranch, and the Twin Towers Correctional Centers.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Intercedes in prayer for the Pastor, the Body of Christ and for special prayer request.

Bereavement Ministry

Encourages and supports the bereaved through cards, flowers and phone calls.

Newsletter Ministry

“The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the Lord has made them both” (Proverbs 20:12, NKJV) This Newsletter was created for God’s Glory. We dedicate it to be used for which it was made. We are the hearing ears and seeing eyes at Simi Second Missionary Baptist Church. “As cold water is to a thirsty soul, so is Good News from a far country” (Proverbs 25:25) For our members that have moved away we are the news from home.

Sunday School Ministry

Sunday School Is the Reaching Arm of the Church.                                                

It is the arm that reaches all ages for Christ making contact with Christians and motivating him or her to give an honest hearing to the gospel. 

Sunday School Is the Teaching Arm of the Church 

The first step of teaching is expressed in the verse by the words “that they may hear.” The ultimate step of teaching is “that they may learn.” 

Sunday School Is the Winning Arm of the Church.  

Communicating the gospel in an understandable manner and motivating a person to respond to Christ.


Sunday School Is the Caring Arm of the Church. 

One of the objectives of every Sunday School is to spiritually care for all so that all will “carefully observe all the words of the law.” Some people call this nurturing; others call it maturing. 

10 goals of our Sunday school department:


  1. Commit to the Strategy: We are committed to Sunday School as the foundational strategy in our church for doing the work                of the Great Commission.
  2. Organize with Purpose: We have organized our Sunday school ministry to accomplish the objectives of leading people to     faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and building on-mission Christians.  

• Build Kingdom Leaders: We are building kingdom leaders who are committed to Sunday school strategy as an expression of faithfulness to Christ, His church, and the mission mandate He has given.  

• Develop Soul Winners: We are leading leaders and members to become soul-winners and witnesses for Christ in all life sttings, including the home.  

• Win the Lost: We engage in evangelistic actions that result in winning the lost to Christ, as well as in other actions that target the un-churched and reclaim the spiritually indifferent.  

• Assimilate People: We are assimilating individuals and families into the life of the church and facilitating their growth as Disciples of Christ.  

• Partner with Families: We are partnering with parents and families to build the home as the center of biblical guidance.  

• Teach to Transform: We engage individuals and families in the biblical model of instruction that leads to spiritual transformation.  

• Mobilize for Ministry: We take deliberate actions to mobilize people to meet with compassion the needs of individuals and families.  

• Multiply Leaders and Units: We are developing and implementing an intentional process for continually multiplying leaders and units. 

Usher Board Ministry

Greets members and guests and assists them with seating. Collects the offering and assures orderly flow of church services and special events. Assist members and guests with special needs.

Board of Deacons

 Works with the Pastor in matters pertaining to the spiritual and temporal welfare of the church. Maintains the unity, bond of peace, order, and discipline of the church. Assist the pastor with baptism and administering of the Lord's Supper. The Deacons collect tithes and offerings and assist the Financial Committee when needed and perform other duties as deemed necessary. The Deacons visits the sick and shut-in, prisons and hospitals. Takes charge of devotional services and the deacons are active in Sunday School, Bible Study, and other training programs regularly. Deacons are twenty-five (25) years of age or over and meet the qualifications as stated in Acts 6:1-3; and I Timothy 3:8-13.

Hospitality Ministry

Acknowledges new members and visitors; prepares visitors cards and provides follow-up. Informs new members on how to get involved in the church.

Board of Trustees Ministry

Ensures that all church properties and finances are properly managed and protects. Provides care and custody of the real estate of the church and ensures legal protection of all securities, investments, title papers, and other documents. (Members are nominated by the Official Board and elected by the church).



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